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First position in the search engines

"However good a website is, it's no good if it can't be found"
I can get you a position on the first page of the major search engines.

How is it done ?

I have spent a long time studying search engines and my strategy is outlined below.

Google takes most of the market and one algorithm they use is to rank your site on the number of return links you have. In other words, how many other sites are linking back to yours. In order to set this up I put a links page on your website to house all those people out there who have agreed to put your link on their site. This is called reciprocal linking for mutual benefit.

I also run 3 pages of non reciprocal links on your site for direct benefit in Google. These are called triangular links. As mentioned above, Google give high rankings for sites which have a lot of good incoming links. However, they give an even higher ranking if those incoming links do not link back. ie they are not reciprocated. It is almost impossible to find sites which will give you a link without having one in return. After all why should they, what's in it for them ?

So, I have divided all my websites in to three groups, A, B and C with about 40 sites in each group. the sites in group A vote for the sites in group B the sites in group B vote for the sites in group C the sites in group C vote for the sites in group A Like this, none of the 40+ websites that you are linking to on your links pages will be linking back to you, but a different group will be linking to you. I charge 60 + VAT a year for this service.

Yahoo takes some of the market and Bing take slightly less. They rank your site according to the search words people have typed in to get you. For these I create "search engine friendly" pages for your website. Each page is especially optimised for a set of keywords. These keywords are the phrases someone might type in a search engine to find you. The more keyword phrases you have, the more people will find you. I re-optimise and submit your pages regularly keeping to the rules of each search engine (which are continually changing !) I go back at regular intervals to check and re-submit where necessary.

Why don't others do it so they all get on the first search page? Its the bother ! My system is meticulous, quite technical and very time consuming. I have to be accurate and have the patience of a saint - but it works.

Give me proof that it works

If you would like to Email Sitemaker1 with your website address, I will send you your results with a report on a similar website and you can compare the results.

How long does it take ?

In general, you can start to see some presence in 3 months and good rankings in 4 to 6 months. There is no quick way, just a persistent slog. If they decide not to take you first time around, then you start the wait all over again.

Be wary of the mass junk emailings which promise to get you listed with the search engines. Just being listed is not enough, you have to be on the first page.

How much will it cost ?

I charge between 8 and 17 per year for a phrase, depending on how many phrases you have, depending on your product and available finances, you may need about 20 sets, depending on the size of your marketing budget.

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